Adults play an important role in the lives of young people. They add pieces to a young person’s experiences that help them become more resilient & more confident. Small actions and simple words can have a huge payoff in the life of a young person.

We asked a Grade 5 class to tell us about someone who makes a differences in their life, and got them to answer:

What is Their Name? Who they are to you? How they make a difference in your life?

My Dad looks like a world star

My dad says I can do the best in my work. My dad makes me feel like I am special, he inspires me and my dad is my favourite.

He is my dad

He makes a difference in my life by helping me with baseball. Makes me feel good about myself. Helps me get through the day. Gives me food and keeps me healthy. Gives me strength and courage.

Mr. Blais
The best teacher ever

Mr. Blais makes a difference in my life because he is very good at sports and is a great teacher.


She helps me when I’m hurt or sad. She makes for for me when I’m hungry. Gets me ready in the morning. She makes me brush my teeth.

My Mom’s Nana
Almost like a 2nd Mom

I wouldn’t be artistic without her and I wouldn’t be alive.


She cared, and loved me. She encouraged me to work hard. I will never forget the time she took my pants off to let me run in my diaper and then the dog ate my pants. She just had her birthday (and celebrated in heaven).

Mrs. Gervais
Educational Assistant

Helps me sign.

Grandpa Bob
A Grandpa

My Grandpa can still do fun stuff with me! I love him!

Best Friends

He has always cheered me up when I am sad and he is always there when I need him. He is my BEST FRIEND!

Mom & Dad
Mom & Dad

For giving me talents and believing that I can do amazing things. Them helping me know I can do anything and nothing can stop me. And they always will love me no matter what I do and the challenges I will always face. I know they will love forever.

My Dad

He taught me some things my mom can’t, he loves me, takes care of me, and believes in me.

Grandma on Mom’s side

My Grandma helped me sew and taught me how to sew a little, now I can sew and fix stuff.

Mr. Heculuck
My Grade 5 Teacher

He makes a difference in my life because he teaches me respect. He also calms me down when I’m worried. Also, he makes some things that I don’t like fun. The last thing is he helps me do my work better and I think he is a very good teacher.

Grandma on Mom’s side

My Grandma Bev is very special to me, because she is always been at my sports. And she takes care of me. She loves me and I love her.