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Our Story

“Working toward a tobacco free future”

The Next Chapter: Creating a Tobacco-free Future
Strengthening our Bylaw: including e-cigarettes in the definition of smoking, creating tobacco free parks & playgrounds & outdoor events, smoke-free patios (Sask side)
Advocating for Saskatchewan Government to ban the sale of flavoured tobacco

Lloydminster Action for Tobacco Reduction

2012 – 2015

Youth form Lloyd Flavour…Gone!

Lloydminster Youth formed Lloyd Flavour… Gone! and advocated for a ban on flavoured tobacco.


Flavoured Tobacco Banned in Alberta

Government of Alberta passed legislation to ban the sale of Flavoured Tobacco in Alberta.


Youth Receive Strong Community Support

Lloydminster Flavour…Gone! Youth hosted an luncheon to discuss the harms associated with flavoured tobacco and how they are marketed to youth. Strong community support for the initiative including Mayor Jeff Mulligan, MLA Richard Starke, MP Leon Benoit, and the Lloydminster Bobcats.

Brielle wins Postcard Design Contest

Pencil case contains 6 tobacco products individually packaged for a single sale.


Lloyd Flavour…Gone! Youth presented to Lloydminster City Council to discuss The Next Chapter in creating a tobacco-free future for Lloydminster children & youth.


The ban on flavoured tobacco in Alberta came into effect, including a ban on menthol.


Lloyd Flavour… Gone!

Receives support from Join Jianna Campaign


Lloyd Flavour… GONE!

Youth team awarded the 2013 Barb Tarbox Award of Excellence!


Barb Tarbox Award

Jianna marin receives the 2013 Barb Tarbox Award of Excellence for Tobacco Reduction & Youth Scholarship!



Canadian Cancer Society selects Lloyd Flavour… GONE! as the 2014 CALVERT Award Recipients!

Jianna Marin speaks on behalf of Alberta Youth at the launch of the Alberta Tobacco Reduction Strategy


Tobacco Free Play Spaces

Promoting tobacco free outdoor play spaces in partnership with the City of Lloydminster!


MLA Richard Starke responded to the request from Lloyd Flavour…Gone! Youth to ban Flavoured tobacco and introduced Bill 206.

Lloyd Flavour… Gone!

Lloyd Flavour Gone Youth had more than 5000 of Brielle’s postcards signed and delivered to our MP Leon Benoit which he presented to caucus at the House of Commons.

FG Youth at Relay – had 700+ postcards signed that night.

FG Youth at the Alberta Legislature for World No Tobacco Day with Associate Minister of Health Dave Rodney and Vermilion – Lloydminster MLA Richard Starke – presenting signed postcards asking for a ban on flavoured tobacco.

Celebrating our Community