Background of Lloydminster Area & Drug Strategy

In the spring of 2006, a number of agencies met to discuss serious concerns stemming from the widespread and growing use of drugs, substance abuse and the impact they had on the workplace, schools, families and community-at-large within Lloydminster.
A growing body of data confirmed an increase of substance abuse among young people and the adult community. The R.C.M.P. were sometimes limited in their ability to enforce the law and social support agencies were overwhelmed by social problems resulting directly and indirectly from the use of illegal drugs and substance abuse.
Community members recognized that the problems associated with the use of drugs and substance abuse were widespread and required a concerted effort from within the community along with business, social, health, service clubs and various non-profit agencies and stakeholders to reduce and reverse the harmful trend. It was an issue that needed to be recognized and addressed by the whole community.
Today the work of the Lloydminster & Area Drug Strategy has grown to include the #YLL My Home project. We hope our website and social media channels provide you with the information you are looking for.

Our Partners:

Alberta Health Services
Lloydminster Community Youth Centre
Thorpe Recovery Centre

The City of Lloydminster
Prairie North Region Health Authority
Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce
Lloydminster & Area Sexual Assault Centre

Lloydminster Public School Division
Catholic Social Services Lloydminster
Lloydminster Catholic School Division
East Central Alberta Child & Family Services