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Continue the conversation about the dangers of underage drinking!

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Having the conversation with your teen:

Parent Toolkit

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Prevention by connecting with your kids and all kids in our community:

Marijuana Facts vs Fiction

Game Plan

What to do if you see it in your neighbourhood:

The sale and use of illicit drugs is a major concern of residents of Lloydminster. Many communities are finding more and more that someone in their community may be growing or selling drugs. Over 1/3 of polled residents (IPSOS April 2008) reported seeing the sale of drugs in their neighbourhoods or the city on a semi-regular basis.

– Talk to your doctor

– Call addictions services 306-820-6250

Where can I get help for me or a loved one?

Do you, or someone close to you, have a substance abuse problem? Not sure if you have an addiction? Are you ready to get the help you need?

The first thing you need to do is confirm that there is indeed a problem. Substance abuse can be defined as:

“The excessive use of a substance, especially alcohol or a drug, that has negative effects on your, or others, mental and pysical health, social interactions and daily life”

So if you do have a substance abuse problem, what is the next step?

Getting Help

Fighting a substance abuse problem alone can be very difficult, so reach out, even anonymously to one of the agencies listed here or a trusted friend, school councillor or family member. Remember, you are not alone. Many others have struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism, and many of those people have had successful recoveries. Click Here to learn more.

The Cost of Drug Use

What does substance abuse cost Canadians?

Medical Costs and Impact

What You Need To Know

Learn more about the Types of Drugs

Drug Guide for Parents

Drugs: Shatter The Myths

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