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Conversations to Have

Be smart about Social Media

Make a difference!

  • Ask young people what they are passionate about.
  • Begin family or neighbourhood traditions such as community service, game nights, or seasonal outings.
  • Swap a CD or MP3 player with a teen. Listen to the music together if you can and tell each other why you picked that music.
  • Ask a young person to teach you a new skill.
  • Send cards or email greetings to children you know to mark holidays, birthdays and other important milestones in their lives.
  • As a way to spend time together, invite a young friend to till, plant and tend a garden patch or create a container garden with potted plants.
  • Schedule neighbourhood celebrations on the first or last day of the school year. Invite youth, parents, teachers and other neighbours.
  • If you know or find out that bullying is going on at school, in a neighbourhood, or in another settings, be sure to report it.

Show Kids You Care

Prevention by Connecting with your Kids and All Kids in our Community:

Positive Ticketing

What: Catch kids making good choices (a good choice can look different for different kids). Take a few minutes to ‘ticket’ them with a positive ticket.
Why: Rewarding positive behaviour provides positive feedback. More importantly it provides the opportunity for adults to talk to kids. Having a conversation with kids can lead to relationships with kids. That’s the real reward!
Who: Teachers, Coaches, RCMP, Community Members, Life Guards

Buddy Bench

Lloydminster Youth Council

What You Need To Know

Kids Help Phone resources

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What Parents Need to Know About Cyberbullying

Making a Difference in Bullying – What parents of adolescents need to know

Celebrating our Community