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“Promoting safe &¬†responsible alcohol use”

Social Hosting

Conversations to Have

Sometimes it’s tough to start the important conversations, we’ve gathered a few tools to help ‘break the ice’.


Continue the conversation about the dangers of underage drinking!

Conversation Starters to help you talk to your kids:

Even more info on Why to and How to Talk to your kids:

Prevention by Connecting with your Kids and All Kids in our Community:

Game Plan

Our goal is that¬†‘What’s your Game Plan?’ is a normal topic of conversation in every household. Whether it be for a night out, a party, or even just day to day activities!

Make a Plan

40 Week Gameplan

Help yourself, or those close to you create a game plan for your/their pregnancy and how to deal with situations where alcohol is a factor. Some areas to think about are, how to handle being offered a drink when you’re maybe not ready to tell people yet- or how your friends and family can be a huge support during this time by making slight adjustments!

Family Game Plan Toolkit

Family Certificate

Create your Game Plan

Snakes & Ladders Game

The Cost of Alcohol Use

What does substance abuse cost Canadians?

Alberta’s Approach to Alcohol

Ready or Not Ready, Alcohol & Pregnancy

Resources and Prevention of FASD

What You Need To Know

Canadian Low risk drinking guidelines

Teens & Alcohol: What is the Law?

Learn more about the Types of Drugs

Celebrating our Community